Breathe easy again with your own personal air monitor

Developed by leading engineers and virologists, Canario is a revolutionary, wearable device that monitors the air you breathe and detects respiratory droplets (which may contain viruses), air pollutants, and UV radiation.

monitoring air quality
Know what you're breathing in real time
Canario, a small, wearable device that can be used both indoors and outdoors, scans your air 24/7 and sends real-time reports to your phone app, measuring: • Aerosol droplets (particles of saliva or mucus emitted by speech coughing, and sneezing), which could contain viruses and other organic pathogens • Air quality, based on the Air Quality Index (AQI), an international standard used to quantify the amount of pollutants in the air • UV radiation, based on international UV standards

Developed by leading experts

Our team of engineers, virologists, and biostatisticians worked for over 2 years to develop Canario, the first-of-its kind personal air monitor device.

Adhering to the highest possible standards

Canario uses internationally recognized standards, like the Air Quality Index (AQI) to quantify the content of the air you're breathing, and provide readings and alerts you can rely on.

Technology that learns

Canario's advanced technology collects and analyzes past events, providing increasingly precise alerts the more you use it.

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technical specifications
Height: 2 inch
Width: 1.5 inch
Depth: 1 inch
Indoors and outdoors
8 hours
Canario device
USB cable
Free App membership
User guide
70 grams
GUVA-S12SD, Germany
Particle detector
Sensirion SPS-30, Swiss
Not waterproof

Your Canario device is connected to a unique free App.

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Customers tell about the Canario

My Canario stays on top of my glass barrier all day. As a financial aid director I wear a mask, have a barrier and I can assure my visitors they are in a safe area when in my office” 

Noemi P.
Boyle Heights, California

As a teacher I really need to know if my classroom has good air quality and if I am droplet free. When I first used the Canario, I didn’t realize I needed more ventilation as the sensor went off non stop. The Canario lets me and my whole class feel safe and gives us peace of mind “  

Dolores U.
Barbering Instructor @ZMSThe Academy Los Angeles, CA

“As a Barber and a DJ, I have to make sure my clients and myself are safe since the pandemic. Now, I can point to a physical device and let them know I can monitor the situation” 

Chris A.
Ca Chris A. Licensed Barber and DJ

I am in electrical and I need to know what kind of area I am in. The Canario really worked out for me I even bought the shirt”  

Randy K,
Job Corp Los Angeles

I work in a hospital in housekeeping and I am super happy that I have my Canario to keep me safe! 

Nancy N.
LAC + USC Medical Center, Los Angeles

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