It's our mission to help people and organizations improve the quality of the air they breathe

Air quality including real time monitoring of air quality

Canario is an Israeli start-up company that’s focused on improving the health and quality of life for all global citizens, by creating reliable, practical solutions for monitoring the air that we breathe.  

Working closely with leading engineers and virologists, Canario has developed a revolutionary personal digital nose “Canario” that scans the air 24/7, monitoring the environment and alerting to possible risks.

The company, led by Dr. Dovik Barkay and his team, has dedicated intense R&D efforts over the last 2 years. Canario is the first of its kind - a personal air monitoring device that monitors and provides real-time alerts on poor air quality, excessive exposure to UV solar radiation, and the presence of aerosol droplets that can transmit viruses and other organic pathogens. 

Over the past year, the company has joined the global effort to stop the Covid pandemic and has developed the Canario2B platform. The platform is an air monitoring and proximity-tracking solution that enables organizations to perform efficient trace-tracking and isolate only relevant employees, resulting in huge savings and enabling the continuation of a normal, day-to-day working routine.

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The only product in the world that offers personal alerts about air quality, UV radiation, and respiratory droplets which may contain viruses.

Cutting edge technology

AI-based machine learning powers a smart, patented system.


Developed over 2 years together with leading engineers, virologists, biostatisticians, adhering to international standards.

A revolutionary personal device that measures the Air quality around you.